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When I first came here my bio was this:

Hi! I'm Nargess, a student in the busy country of Iran, and the even busier city of Tehran. I love Fred and George Weasley! I want to talk about Iran, and Islam as I myself believe. I thought that talking to a real Iranian, and a real Moslem could be interesting for you and so I came here. You see?! I am here just for you!

But now, I'm temporarily out of Iran, have grown many years older, and my journal is no longer specially about Iran or Islam. Iran and Islam are definitely parts of my life and you will find stuff about them all over the place, now and in the future. But just so you know that it's not what the journal will be only about.

Right now I am a woman who is working to achieve her dreams. I wish for a better world for all humans. I feel that knowledge, and education are the only things that can save us, and have devoted myself to making that dream a reality.

To me, race and citizenship are transparent. Political boundaries are nothing but a division of power among an infinitely small fraction of people over other people of the world. Faith is nothing but a personal choice, and morality the only true essence of all religions.

I guess that's enough for a bio!
See you in the journal! :)

By the way, if you want had even one extra cent you didn't know what to do with, remember that you can save a life with it. The life of an African child who doesn't even have clean water.

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This journal defined me, cleared my thoughts and dreams, and hopefully during the process, added something to the readers too, all of whom I'll be forever in debt! It was built to create an understanding of how an Iranian Muslim girl sees everything, and it served its purpose. This girl who has grown into a young woman, now has a different purpose: To make all these beautiful dreams come true. A new chapter of her life is about to begin, one which all the day-dreaming and wishes will be looked at as Goals, dreams which will be worked on. Join my journey, help me shape my thoughts, share this passion and let's together help make this world a better place. My new blog is http://tobethatchange.blogspot.com/ . Hope to see you there too! >:D<